Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How you can help now...

Many of you have asked how you can help. At this point here are some of our needs. The top three are our most pressing needs at this point. While this list is longish, any need with which you can help will be of great importance to the fulfillment of this Pilgrimage.

1. Lodging for 6-8 people (church floor, a home, motel, etc.)
We currently do not yet have confirmed lodging in: Wilson, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Goldsboro, Washington or Wilmington.

2. Dinner for 6-12 people.

3. Lunch for 12-15 people (or as few as 6-8 depending on number of local walkers on a given day...)

4. Event opportunity. We can provide a speaker, a forum on the death penalty, a panel discussion, etc. to share information and stories about the struggles of real families - both families of homicide victims and of people on death row. We need venues and people to talk with and listen to.

5. Local walkers to join us for a few yards or miles, depending on health and heat. This is a strenous event and is not the place for strollers or pets. However, if you want to walk with us in your town, we'll slow down the pace for a mile or two.

6. Breakfast for 6-8 people

7. Water, sports drinks and snacks

8. Support Vehicle drivers

9. Local pastor and/or lay persons to offer spiritual encouragement through prayer with us, offering Communion or Mass, etc.

10. Pray for us or, as the Quakers say, "Hold us in the Light" wherever you are.

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