Friday, June 27, 2008


Ah, Fredericksburg! I had no idea how much charm that town has. Last night we indulged in ice cream at the previously unknown to us but apparently famous Carl's. It was well worth the 50-some person-long line!

After spending the night with the Wheelers in their amazing 19th century era home, before departing we had to stop at the old slave trading block. It was the actual block upon which human beings stood to be auctioned off - just like livestock and other commodities. We had to stop there to pray and ponder.

Abolition was the only 'right answer' for slavery. Today we accept that as unquestioned truth.

There will come a time in the not too distant future when people will look back at the death penalty with the same disbelief and revulsion with which we now look at slavery. It's already true for most countries with which we want to be associated, including Canada and the nations of the European Union. It'a also true for countries that most Americans consider beneath us, including Mexico and Haiti.

As with slavery, the only 'right answer' to the death penalty is Abolition.

How long must we wait before that becomes obvious?

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