Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pilgrimage ends Sunday with March into Washington, DC

As of 6:00 PM Saturday, June 28, we are 12 miles from the Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC. There are so many emotions and thoughts we're experiencing at this point - I hope to post later this evening to share some of them.

For any who want to join us on Sunday for the final approach and the march into Washington, call Scott at 312-401-3713 for details. The basic outline follows.

We'll begin walking on US1 North at the Quality Inn 7212 Richmond Hwy about 9 miles south of DC. We'll walk up US1 into Crystal City, turn left onto 23rd St., turn right onto Eads St. and left onto 15th. Then we continue on 15th and continue when it becomes Joyce St crossing Army-Navy Blvd and going under I395 before turning right onto Columbia Pike. At that point, we plan to take the bike path to the Arlington Memorial Bridge, arriving about 11:30 AM.

We'll gather with various friends at the end of the bridge opposite DC. Someone suggested taking a cab to that point if you're meeting us there. Others suggested parking at Roslyn and finding someone to drive you back to your car later.

We begin crossing the Arlington Memorial Bridge at 12 noon. After crossing, we'll circle right around the Lincoln Memorial and take Independence alongside the Mall and on to the Supreme Court Building, arriving about 1:30 PM. The walk from the bridge to the end is about 3 miles. It'll be hot so bring water.

At least six friends from Raleigh, several folks from the 15th Starvin' for Justice Fast and Vigil, and Andre Latallade (aka Capital X) who has walked some 1700 miles for abolition of the death penalty are among those who'll be walking with us.

How about you?


Making Strides toward Abolition and Reconciliation said...

Congratulations, Scott, Roberta, Grant, and everyone else! I'm praying and thinking of you all tomorrow from Eugene, OR as you complete your Pilgrimage.


Sonam said...

May you all be blessed with a warm reception in Washington, and may the skies be sunny for you. I have held you all in my prayers during this pilgrimage. I can't believe it has come to the last day, though I am sure your all must be very tired. You have accomplished so much, you are all in my heart.

In memory of David.


Making Strides toward Abolition and Reconciliation said...

Scott, Roberta and Grant --

Thank you for walking for reconciliation and hope. We were honored to join you for the opening five days. Timmy and I picked up more than $5.00 in change along the road, and we sold 13 pounds of lead wheel weights (also picked up off the side of the road) for $1.95 !!!! Wish we could have done it all. My legs still sport the sock tan I got from walking.

In Peace with God's Blessings, Patrick