Monday, June 29, 2009

SOfAR Pilgrimage 2009 nears conclusion

We wake up Monday morning in the retreat-like home of some old friends near Smithfield. We’ve walked some 283 miles and have 31 to go, which will push us beyond 300 miles. (It will take each of us doing a little extra to accomplish abolition of the death penalty and healing for families.)

This morning we’ll arrive at the Johnston County courthouse where we will pray especially for victims and perpetrators of homicide and the families of both and we will also pray for persons falsely accused, for judges, jurors, bailiffs, attorneys, reporters, clerks and all those who are pulled into the trauma around each homicide. Then we will seek five minutes of District Attorney Susan Doyle’s time to talk with her about our concerns for families and our issues with the death penalty. We will assure her that we want her to do her job effectively, justly, safely and with compassion.

We will walk out of Smithfield and through Clayton before stopping for the day on the east side of Garner. We hope to end today’s walking (and begin Tuesday’s walking) near the US-70 intersection with White Oak Road near Best Buy (this is not an ad for BB – it just provides a locatable landmark).

Look for information about Tuesday's schedule coming soon.

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