Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Made It This Far

This morning at 11:30 AM we arrived at the legislative building in Raleigh, North Carolina!

We were greeted by friends and well-wishers and held a brief press conference. We then gathered in a prayer circle around the NC State Seal on the plaza in front of the legislative building. Next we ate lunch and talked with some of our legislators about our journey, about our purposes in walking and about the NC Racial Justice Act, which should reach the floor of the House for a vote next week.

Then we went home.

Seems rather anti-climactic at this point.

The journey has been so intense - spiritually, physically, emotionally and in other ways. There are more stories to tell and experiences needing reflection. First, I need a little rest and a pause to reflect. I promise that we'll have more stories posted here soon...

In the meantime, consider inviting us for some conversation with a few individuals or a large group some time. We like that way of sharing Pilgimage stories as well.

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